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New to Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship that helps a person grow, overcome challenges and achieve their goals and dreams – in their personal and work lives. It's important to understand that not every coaching relationship is equal in terms of its potential for lasting impact. Read on and discover why working with one of our trained coaches is a great step toward processing change and achieving your personal and work goals.

How it works?

Coaching provides a relational support structure that intentionally fosters growth and change through regular “appointments” with the coach – sometimes in person, sometimes by phone or Skype. In both the personal and professional spheres, coaching has been found to greatly increase effectiveness and development. Our coaches are prepared to journey with you in a coaching relationship no matter where on the globe you find yourself.

Who We Are

Tim and Shelli are people of family & faith. For many years they've lived, worked and served in diverse contexts, both organizationally and culturally. As families, some of their time overlapped while serving as missionaries in Central Asia. The couples went on date nights together. Their kids went to the same school and played together. While their families have taken different paths along the way, they have always managed to stay in touch and maintain a friendship.

They are professionally trained life coaches, uniquely prepared and gifted to help their clients navigate change and the  challenges that life serves up. Read more about Tim & Shelli.

 Here's a sample of some of the coaching packages we offer:

Individual Coaching

  • Transitions and Cultural Adjustment
  • Leadership
  • Life Purpose Discovery
  • Life Balance
  • Health and Wellness
  • CernySmith Assessments

Group Coaching

  • Transitions Workshops/Seminars
  • Re-Entry Retreats
  • Team Resilience Coaching
  • CernySmith Assessments
  • Couples Coaching

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