The Trust Factor

We live in a get-things-done world which places little value on trusting God and cooperating with him to accomplish things His way and in His time. What if we could approach each life challenge as an opportunity to grow in the area of trust? There are distinct benefits to growing in trust.  Here are several (Based on Numbers 20:1-13):

  • Get it Right the First Time

When we allow impatience and anger to control our decisions and actions, we often find ourselves doing clean up - going back and trying to repair the damage we’ve caused to the people around us.  Or work and relationships suffer, both with people and with our heavenly Father.  We succeed more often when we trust God by being patient, waiting for His leading and cooperating with His instructions in the Bible.


  • Honor God in the Process

What happens when we burst out in anger or resentment, allowing our pride to get the best of us?  It only serves to draw attention to ourselves rather than to our amazing God.  We honor God by trusting him to work in impossible situations.  It’s alright to say, “Lord I don’t know how You’re going to work this one out, but help me to honor Your great Name with my attitude and actions.”  That takes trust!


  • Do Less - Accomplish More

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels?  You approach a challenge from a number of different angles, but nothing seems to work.  It might even seem like you’re going backwards.  Could it be time to trust more and do less?  Sometimes I’m amazed at how much gets accomplished when I step back from a situation and surrender control to God.


As believers, we not only trust God for the outcome.  We’re also called to trust Him in the process.  In this way, the challenges we face daily become more than mere pass/fail tests.  They become opportunities to learn the benefits of trusting God.