Transition and Memory Lane

A planned journey is an oxymoron.
— William Bridges, The Way of Transition

If there has been one reoccurring theme in my life through the years, it is transition. When our children were young, I think we had learned to cope well, even thrive, during seasons of change. We did transitions together as a family. Pack the boxes, say the goodbyes, kiss the cat one last time, board the plane. Altogether now!  We may have been moving to a new country, new house, new school, new community – or all four. But we did the new thing together

Fast forward to here and now. My oldest daughter lives in Southern California and will be graduating from university in December. My son is busy submitting college applications, planning to attend university next year somewhere near his older sister. Our youngest daughter is an 8th grader at an International School in Istanbul where we currently reside.

 I often feel like I’m hanging on by my fingernails to the cliff of my fragile existence in Istanbul, Turkey. There are so many variables, potential transition triggers, which could pull me away and thrust me into yet another transition. War and unrest. A denied visa application. A crisis in the family. Transition never looks the same, and each one comes with its own complex set of challenges.

The good news is that each transition is custom designed by my loving Father for my growth. I’m learning to trust God during these seasons of change. I’m reminded that transition is not to be defined as chaos. When we walk with the sovereign Lord of the universe and lover of our souls, transition is purposeful because He is a God of purpose.

Transformation is the true destination of transition...
— William Bridges, The Way of Transition

What unique set of challenges is your transition serving up? What opportunities for growth might you be missing? Need some perspective? Connect with a qualified transitions coach HERE.